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Tim Mehoves, CMT

I believe that a session begins when the client steps through the door to my office.  It is my desire to provide a safe space for my clients to let go of any stress that has built up in their mind and/or body.  Your time with me should be thought of as your time to let go of any responsibilities and allow yourself the freedom to just be you.

Before becoming a Massage Therapist, my career was a very face paced and stress filled existence.  Many years working in the corporate world left me wanting a more relaxed pace in my life.  After a company down-size left me thinking about the next step in my career, a friend who worked at the Esalen Institute asked me if I had ever thought of becoming a Massage Therapist.  To be honest, it had never occurred to me until that moment...but the seed was planted in my mind, and I began to think about exactly that very same thing.  I had always been appreciative of the help I received from the massage sessions I had as a client, and I found myself thinking about how great it would be to offer the same relief to others.  So here I am, many years later doing exactly that and loving every day I work and enjoying seeing the gratefulness on my clients faces after their sessions.  It is a special honor knowing that when a client leaves my office, they leave feeling better than they arrived.

I prefer to live a healthy and active lifestyle, so with my free time I like to spend as much of it outdoors in Marin.  I am a long distance runner and have competed in some races and continue to work to improve my time and distance goals.  I also enjoy hiking the many trails we have the privilege to be able to trek throughout Northern California.  Because of these hobbies, I look forward to the opportunity to work with other runners in their attempts to improve their running goals through training and massage.

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